13 January 2016

Piece of advice


“Some people are like clouds, once they vanish, the sun can shine in our lives.”

Chose your friends wisely and keep only the best people around you, negative people will only bring you negative energy and drive you down.
If you keep positive people around you , the happier you will be with your life and if you keep around you the people that respect friendship and like to see you smile will make your smile get even bigger.

Happiness is contagious, if you’re being with happy people you will become happy yourself, but if you stay with sad people and the negative ones, no matter how you will try making them smiling ever a bit, they will absorb your energy and give you theirs, the only time you will notice it it might be too late.

Being with smart people will make you become smarter and more creative, so, chose wisely where and with how you want to be.

This is a simple advice but many people learn its value after it s too late, but it is never too late to change your life style, and if people tell you you’ve changed, it is only because you’ve stopped acting the way that want you to do.

Wish you a wonderful day.


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