23 January 2017

Drawing Tutorial


“You’re capable of drawing more than what you think, it was never complicated and it is manageable.”

I’ve started drawing same like any human, by making messy drawings anywhere in the hose, but then, when i saw how my oncle draw and good was he with colors, i became to see the world with different colors and kept learning and understanding the effects with everyday . true that my oncle and my father taught me some stuff, like some animals or trees … i am sure they are things that any parent can teach to any kid  but then i kept developing new skills in drawing by myself  and refused to allow anyone to be my master, i wanted to rely on myself and master drawing by myself, i hated the word master in my childhood because some people even by giving you one information they think of themselves as masters and make you feel like you were nothing.

So, i never allowed anyone to think of himself as my master, kept observing, learning from peoples’s mistakes, seeing what others been good at and trying to match them by myself and even developing new techniques better than what developed for themselves.
By growing, things got harder for me to keep drawing, the world become more not respectful for arts and you will find many people pushing you to drop your creativity… It got harder for me to keep finding time to draw and make arts but i never stopped colors from shining in my life, never lose your colors no matter what, arts and artists are playing major role in maintaining beauty of this world and showing it to others … Even i didn’t follow any master but i was inspired by many things in this world and there were some artists that inspired me for more arts, I am not speaking of professional artists only but also by beginner artists. I was inspired to create many drawing for many subjects by different methods and ways of coloring from one part and motivated to make my arts reach the world wide.
They say; that what’s bad for your heart is good for your art, this is one of the codes that many artists goes by, so, if you’re happy you can make happy arts and if you’re sad, you can do arts too that will get back to you later with profits, but don’t worry about what you do if it gets accepted by people or not, there is different people in this world and with one way or another you will find people accepting your arts but keep in mind you cannot fool people. You can’t just draw anything and expect it to be accepted by others, not everyone is a fool, so, i advice you to share with people what you think did good. If you see your arts good enough, at least in a good level, be sure if you share it to the world , it will get accepted by people, otherwise don’t just think people will be fooled with your lying.
Share only what you see good but by good measuring and don’t try to reach perfection to not get obsessed by the term.

I advice you to open your eyes, observe, don’t limit your mind, be opened to unlimited thoughts ,use any tool and don’t get afraid by trying then you will find your way through reaching greatness with your arts without being needing to any master, the world of art is limitless and you can exceed your limitations .

Be the master of yourself and wish you a wonderful day.


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