Ilyess Mechlaoui

My dear followers, I hope you’re enjoying your visit on my humble website and that you’re satisfied with what you find here.

I am not considering myself as a professional and I don’t want to make people think that I am a pro, simply, what I do and what you find here is just my hobby that I enjoy doing in my free time to enjoy myself. I try to create something as good as I can which can be accepted by others without disrespecting anyone or any culture. It’s something that makes me happy with my life to share with other peoples and be a source of happiness to someone that can change this world to another view and to a better one, because when the ideas are shared the world evolve with it.

Back to the main idea, you’re maybe saying why this website contains different categories; different arts made by the same person, is it possible!!


I say to you, the brain sometimes help the body to evolve and do many things but sometimes it creates barriers and limits your powers which make many simple things looks so hard to accomplish, but once you put yourself into your goals and objectives, many things will get weaker to stand into your way. This is my case, since my childhood I love drawing so much and kept looking to the world from a different perspectives and I had many different goals but then I have found myself taking other paths, but I didn’t let that stop me, I kept evolving on the way that life chose for me and from another side never let my dreams disappear, kept working to achieve them at the same time with proceeding on the other path. That’s how I have found myself gaining different experiences, I have found that I can see the world from a different side and also I can draw some of what I see, so it became like a challenge to me to go with life in many different ways, that way you can find yourself created a fallback each time.


So what I would like you to keep in mind about me and what I do, that this isn’t about money or creating something just for the view, it something much more than that, it’s by the goal of opening your mind on different perspectives so that you yourself can see the world the way I see it, to dream of it even better than me and to create a world better for you and others. Because the good things need to be shared and that way it will value more and it will come to you with many returns don’t worry.


So, if you see “PHOTOGRAPHY”, it is the way I saw the world and if you see “DRAWINGS” either Traditionally or Digitally, it means that’s how I imagine the world and that’s how I see it in my own way, but maybe in the future I can add more categories for you to enjoy who knows, and I’ll be informing you with the details.