23 January 2017

Photoshooting Trip


“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

Working in the office made  me less active, so each weekend, i don’t stay home and chose hiking as a solution to step away from anxiety, stress and negative energies. My only Equipements were food and my own camera, i started this passion to hiking with small investments and a simple camera, but with each walk in nature you get more than what you seek.

Living in the city will make you learn more about people while being in nature will make you learn more about yourself and with the help of a camera, you will start seing the wold in a different way, better ways than what you never did.

For me nature made me learn more about health, energies, the things i need in life and how to use what i have or what’s available in front of me, i admit i almost died many times in the wild, but after each time i got back to home after that deadly experience, found myself becoming much more stronger and sustainable in different harsh environments, environments that those whom addicted to living in cities won’t know its secrets and to survive in them.

By surviving in the wild you will find yourself more than capable in surviving in cities against  humans that faces you with many faces each day.

So my advice for you, is never underestimate what you have and go out with the tiny things that you have, even your phone, go to nature and see yourself, by each photo you take you will capture more than  what you thought you’ve captured, get back to your photos in a different day and you will see in the same picture different things than what you’ve seen the day before.

Have fun with your life and wish you a wonderful day.


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