23 January 2017

Experience Free diving


“Diving will make you feel flying without wings.”

When I visit natural places that doesn’t have people in it, I feel there is so much life in it, I feel that animals and trees are much more alive than humans, because whenever I get back to city places, that feeling in being into live places get lost.

At first I was escaping from cities into natural places by hiking and camping in the wild but then I tried to try diving, believe me, it is something completely different from swimming.

Through diving; you will feel like your being int the wild but instead of walking you’re flying, I am not a good swimmer myself but when I tried for the first time, I didn’t need to breath for many seconds because my breath was taken by the beauty of the sea.

Underwater there is so much life more on the surface, I just hope the world respect more the beauty of nature and humans find more solutions to protect this world so that the beauty in nature never vanish.

I am trying to be a part of helping this world, if you’re reading this, please never give up you yourself on this world and help it get better and better. together we can.

If you want to experience free diving , go for it, it is better than swimming on the surface of the water, I assure you.

Wish you you a wonderful day and keep being awesome.


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